Fox Wood provides a carefully planned, personalised education pathway and exceptional outcomes for all pupils.

We are very proud of this and feel that we have a responsibility to share our skills and expertise to benefit all pupils with special educational needs and their families in the wider community, not just our own pupils.

Our Outreach Team at Fox Wood are practising teachers and teaching assistants who are skilled and experienced within the field of SEN. They attend regular training to ensure that their knowledge and expertise is current.

Fox Wood offers advice and support to both the school / organisation as a whole, and/or to individual pupils.

Fox Wood School currently offers a range of outreach services. We also offer bespoke packages, please complete the Outreach Request Form at the back of our Outreach booklet and we will contact you to discuss your individual needs.

Recent testimonials: 

"Good, informative course content"
"I feel I could now identify sensory processing difficulties more easily"
"Engaging, friendly, informative!"