FUNctional Skills

FUNctional skills refer to the combination of fun, meaningful life tasks with fundamental Maths and English skills from the classroom. FUNctional skills will allow pupils to:

·Identify a problem and consider a suitable solution
·Identify the skills that will be needed to solve the problem
·Utilise the skills appropriately

Teaching FUNctional skills allows pupils to gain problem solving, transferrable skills which can be used throughout their lives.  At Fox Wood, we believe that all pupils should have access to a FUNctional skills curriculum, from Reception to College. The skills introduced at reception may include using a visual timetable, following simple instructions and basic listening skills. These skills we be built upon and developed as the pupils’ progress through the key stages and will evolve into tasks such as running a business enterprise, deciding on prices for goods and working in ‘The Bungalow’ when the pupils reach college. The teaching of FUNctional skills will require teachers to look into daily activities/problems that take place and identify how we utilise Maths and English skills to solve them.

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