Home Learning Overview

Dear Parents/Carers,
It is important that our pupils stay engaged in learning activities as much as possible if they remain at home. This will provide a purpose to their day, keep them busy and will also ensure that they do not lose vital skills. 
In the event of self-isolation, school closure or your child being given a clinician's letter requesting that they remain at home, this 'Home Learning' tab will provide you with resources that you can use with your child.  The resources are split into those for more sensory learners and resources specific to learners with Autism or learning difficulties.  There are also more general resources that you may also find useful.
Please upload any photos/videos and comments to Evidence for Learning so we can see how you are getting on! 

Evidence for Learning

As you know, we use the Evidence for Learning App to capture the varied and wonderful learning opportunities and 'wow' moments for your child. It acts as a 'window into school' so you can keep up to date with your child's progress. 
Please log on to the Evidence for Learning website and check that you have the notification settings turned on. If you need a password reset, please let the school office know. 
If your child remains at home on any of the days they are usually in school, teachers will set regular tasks for you through Evidence for Learning.  Please take photographs and videos of your child completing these tasks and add some notes if possible. This learning will add to your child's overall attainment journey and teachers can 'tag' it into the corresponding curriculum areas. 
Our "Home Learning Plan" contains further details about the work that will be set for your child.  
Boardmaker is the resource we use in school to create visuals, they are offering a free subscription for parents/carers:  https://goboardmaker.com/collections/boardmaker-activities-to-go
Kind regards,
Lianne Buchanan