Eco Schools

Intent: At Fox Wood the intent for our Eco curriculum is to improve our children’s understanding of how to live and be part of a sustainable world and how they can be responsible citizens in a world where environmental issues grow more pressing by the day. 

We aim to educate them across a wide range of issues from the biodiversity of life in their school and neighbourhood to their use of energy and water, both at school and at home, and how to deal with litter and waste. Our aim is to see them become true global citizens where their personal impact can be felt on a much wider stage across the planet.


Environmental topics are taught throughout school from Reception up to our Formal curriculum. These topics are addressed in a cross-curricular manner through subjects such as Science, Cognition, Sensory and physical, understanding the world and Topic where meaningful links are made (please see our long term plans for further information.

Alongside this curricular approach, our school engages in a wider approach to teach our children about environmental matters from working in our sensational space planting flowers and vegetables, surveying the biodiversity of the species which live within the school grounds and engaging with the wider community for projects such as save the children.  

The school also takes part in the annual Green Flag Award that allows children to take part in a series of audits across school in the following areas: Healthy Living, Litter, Waste, Global Citizenship, Water and Marine Life, School Grounds, Transport, Biodiversity and Energy. Children are asked to audit the school in each of these areas and then an action plan is formulated for our three areas in need of improvement. By working towards a series of goals and targets and by involving the wider school through our ECO committee meetings, children have an opportunity to be part of a wider, sweeping change across school.


Our hopes for our children and the planet they will inhabit are of the utmost importance for us. Our children grow in understanding of the world around them and feel more confident in being part of a much larger movement and force for good across both our country and the world. 

They develop an improved knowledge of how to use energy and water sustainably, they come to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, not just in terms of their own physical and mental well-being, but that of the wider community and planet. They come to understand how to care for their local neighbourhood in terms of waste disposal and recycling but also how to keep their own personal environment tidy and free from waste and litter. Their responsibility in changing the world for the better is something they come to be aware of and they begin their development into global citizens with a wider appreciation of not just their local area but also the wider world. 

Eco-Schools Award

Eco-Schools is an international programme that guides schools on their journey towards sustainability and is focused around ten key environmental topics:

  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • Energy
  • Global Citizenship
  • Marine
  • Healthy Living
  • Litter
  • School Grounds
  • Transport
  • Waste

Our Eco-Schools Council, which includes interested pupils, parents, staff and governors have decided to develop recycling provision, habitats and develop the sensational space.  All learners from across the school are involved in different environmental projects through curriculum themes across the year and we have achieved the Bronze, Silver AND Green flag Award!

The experience of Eco Schools continues to unite pupils, parents, staff and governors in being more aware of the environment, saving water and energy, and also developing the school grounds. The pupils have enjoyed working alongside adults on an equal basis. They behave and discuss matters responsibly and are able to plan with adults. The ideas are often original, and self-esteem has been raised.  We are proud that we have made a difference to our school and the grounds. Our efforts have helped us to gain the prestigious Eco Schools Green Flag which we are extremely proud of!