Behaviour Support

Behaviour support

As a Pupil Support Manager it is important to ensure all staff are fully trained and confident when supporting the individuals here at Fox Wood. Staff are regularly trained to use Team Teach when supporting our pupils who may display challenging behaviours. Team Teach is a whole setting holistic training approach to behaviour supports and interventions. The aim of Team Teach is to provide an accredited training framework designed to reduce risk and through working together to help safeguard people and services. The purpose of Team-Teach training is to support adults in understanding the management of challenging behaviour. This is achieved by embedding and entwining the teaching of physical techniques within a holistic de-escalation approach and encouraging the promotion of socially acceptable behaviours for all concerned. 95% of positive handling strategies used within Team Teach are non-physical contact.

These include:

  • Use of space

  • Changes to the environment

  • Stance and posture

  • Facial expressions

  • Intonation

  • Simple positive messages


And 5% physical interventions, including:

  • Prompts

  • Guides, Escorts, Holds

  • Restraint / Restrictive Physical Interventions

The best code of practice when using Team Teach includes:

  • Best interests of the service user

  • Minimum force for the shortest time

  • Prevent injury, pain and distress

  • Maintain dignity

  • Reasonable and Proportionate

  • Action should be necessary

    Core principles

  • Planned responses & techniques are written out and included in: Individual Behaviour Support & Intervention (PHP’s) plans.

  • Following a restraint there is both a supportive and reflective structure in place for both staff and pupils involved. We have recently developed the use of debrief and use a variety of different visuals and tasks for pupils to best express themselves and how they feel and felt during the incident.

  • All incidents using restraint are reported, recorded, monitored and evaluated regularly by the behaviour team.


When a reoccurrence of similar behaviour patterns are displayed by an individual and recorded by staff, a risk assessment, behaviour profile or behaviour plan will be written. The plan is specific to the individual and is not followed for any other pupil. The class team and behaviour support team will write this together and parents will have a copy to read and sign alongside a phone call or meeting with the Pupil Support Manager to ensure it is understood and includes all appropriate information to be put in place. Training is also offered to parents within behaviour management workshops to provide information of how challenging behaviours are supported within school and non-physical strategies that can be used within the home. Working together and consistently is vital for pupils to be able to learn how to manage their own emotions and feelings and self-regulate as they grow. Parents are welcome to seek advice from class staff and the behaviour team as they feel necessary.