Welcome to Class 4

Welcome to the homepage for Class 4
We are a lively class who love to get our hands into anything sensory or messy! We love accessing Sensory Kingdom, sensory swimming and taking part in lots of fun activities in class. We learn best through practical activities and giving things a go. We have half-termly topics, which our lessons are based around, and give us a wide range of experiences across the year. We are looking forward to what this year holds for us!
We are a class of 8 wonderful pupils! Our teacher is Sam and our amazing teaching assistants are Kate, Rebecca and Lydia.
Our Sensory Kingdom sessions will be on a Monday afternoon- please send in your child's P.E. kit for this session.
Sensory swimming will take place on a Friday morning, you must provide your child with a swim kit, towel and swimming pad (if required). Unfortunately if this is not sent in your child will have to engage in an alternative activity.
Snack/Cooking money is £1.50 per week please send this in a sealed envelope labelled with your child's name. If you do not wish to send snack money please provide your child with 2 snacks per day. 
We look forward to all our adventures this year!



Home School Dairies

We ask families and carers to return the Home School diary each day, as this will enable the class staff to provide comments and information about you child's day in school. If there are particular things you wish to be informed about, please speak with the class teacher.

Individual Education Plans

These set out the priority targets that your child is working on for the term; these targets are linked to the overarching targets set out in your child's EHCP. IEPs are updated each half term and sent home. If there is anything that you would particular like us to be working on please just let us know.

Sensory Swimming & PE

Swimming session can change each half term, please check the class timetable. Swim kits must be sent in for your child to be able to go swimming. If the correct kit is not provided unfortunately your child will not be able to go in the pool and will be provided with an alternative activity.  

PE sessions can change each half term so please check the class timetable. PE kits can be sent home at the start of each half term and will be returned to you at the end of the half term. If you would like your child's PE kit to be sent home each week please let us know.

Class Funds

We kindly ask for a voluntary contribution of £1.50 a week towards our class snack funds. You can send your own snack in if you would prefer to do this for your child.