We will be holding our annual enterprise week on the week commencing 7th December. This is an opportunity for all of our pupils to engage in a class based enterprise; designing, creating and selling a product of their choosing. Usually, these products would be sold at our Christmas Fair - however, due to Covid restrictions, we are not able to host the Christmas Fair in the usual manner.
To make sure that all of the pupils still get to experience enterprise week and raise money for a class treat, we have produced a Christmas catalogue with advertisements for all of the products that class will be making. The catalogue also contains an order form which can be completed and returned to school. If you are unable to get your order form back to us please either ring or message us to place your order. 
All of the profit that is made from enterprise week will go directly to support a reward/treat experience for the pupils. We would greatly appreciate your support with the Fox Wood catalogue - we appreciate it looks very different to what we would normally do at this time of year, but we are determined not to let Covid impact enterprise week for our pupils.