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Over the last few months Fox Wood School has worked hard to raise money for our eco club. We have collected clothing and toys for the bags 2 school project and parents have very generously donated mobile phones, I pads, cds, dvds and games in order to support our schools fund raising. The eco club have spent sessions sorting and organizing the clothes and technology in order to be sent to the appropriate organisation. When the bags of clothes and toys were organised and bagged appropriately, we worked as a team to load the van with all of the donations. Each pupil had an active role in the activity and worked well together. They loaded the van with the bags and weighed them on the scales to see how much each bag weighed. All together there was 200kg of donations and this raised us an amazing £80 towards our Eco funds.

We then registered the donated technology into music magpie and raised another £70 towards our funds giving us an overall total of £150. We would like to thank all of our generous parents and carers for your kind donations and support to raise funds. 

The Eco club will be working together in order to make team decisions as to how the money will be spent to support our eco schools. We intend to plant new seeds and bulbs to create sensory areas and will be looking into growing our own fruit and vegetables. We look forward to this opportunity we have now been provided with due to parents very kind donations. It has given us the opportunity to work together to raise money to support our eco club and great ideas in which to spend the money wisely.


Juggle Bubbles

A wonderful week of fun was had by all the pupils. We all had fun blowing bubbles and juggling them. All pupils had ago and we raised a fantastic £867. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored the pupils.

We have ordered our ibead curtains and some food technology equipment and look forward to using the new equipment in the Autumn term.