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Class 2 - Autumn 18

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Circus!

This half term Class 2 are looking at the Circus as their topic! The children have settled in so well in their new class with Sam their new teacher and Vicky, Jo and Louise as their teaching assistants, they have done so much hard work already, we are very proud!

So far we have looked at the different jobs in the circus such as; juggling, tightrope walking, being an acrobat, the ring master and the job as a clown! We have even had a go at becoming clowns ourselves this was so much fun! We have done some tasting of the different foods that may be at the circus such as popcorn, candy floss and even hot dogs, our favourite was the candy floss! We have read all a sensory story about Spot the dog going to the circus were he learns a fun trick from the seal, it’s balancinga ball on his nose, we liked this trick that much we had a go ourselves, we were very good at it.

We look forward to seeing what the rest of the term has in store for us and our class trip to the sensory centre!



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