School Events...

This morning we had a very special visit from Cllr Les Morgan, Mayor of Warrington, as part of a World Record Attempt (‘Most schools visited in one borough by a Mayor in one day’) and in support of ‘Care with the Mayor’ Day.

To prepare for this day classes had discussed what Warrington meant to them and their ideas ranged from their family members, special places, favourite shops, groups they belonged to, Fox Wood itself – and, of course, rugby with Warrington Wolves! Each class then used their own ideas to create a flag, banner or shield and these were held aloft by representatives from each class as they welcomed the Mayor into school.

Once in school the Mayor led a short assembly in which he introduced himself to pupils, talked about how we should care for one another, and thanked us all for being a part of such a special day. The Mayor was particularly impressed to see how many pupils and staff had joined in our non-uniform day and he admired a number of rugby tops and even some Warrington Wolves hair ribbons! The money that pupils donated today will go towards the Mayor’s Charities meaning that we have made a practical contribution to caring for others within Warrington too.

Following the Mayor’s visit we had a special assembly to share the work that each class had produced - everyone was very keen to share their ideas. A really lovely community event!